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cadCAD Gets a New GitHub Org

Next Steps as a Standalone OS Community

Since its open source launch last August in collaboration with the Commons Stack, BlockScience has continued with the further development of cadCAD as a necessary tool in complex system design.

What is cadCAD?

For those who aren’t familiar already, cadCAD is a unified modeling framework in Python for the computer-aided design of economic systems that exist within complex adaptive dynamic systems, and makes use of Monte-Carlo & stochastic simulation and agent-based modeling. This package can be used by Systems Engineers, Data Scientists, and Economic Researchers to iteratively design, simulate, validate, and enhance digital twins of economic systems. cadCAD enables the implementation and application of encoded system models to generate system event datasets by applying models of state updates with behavioral input to a set of initial conditions. It can be used to model, simulate, and test complex systems to understand their fault tolerance, parameter sensitivity, and non-intuitive failure modes before implementation.

cadCAD Got its Own GitHub Organization! What’s New?

We’ve recently migrated a new version of cadCAD to its own GitHub organization with improvements such as default execution mode selection and post-processing enhancements. In other words, cadCAD is taking its next steps as a standalone open source community. We will dive deeper into the novel governance of this organization in a coming article, and explore some of the next steps in further development of this important tool in open source data science & system modeling.

Check out the change log in full detail here:


Design, simulate, validate, and enhance digital twins of complex systems - cadCAD-org/cadCAD

How Can I Contribute?

We are eager to continue improving the cadCAD codebase, and grow the community of data scientists and complex system modelers who can make use of this tool for rigorous system design and testing. If you are interested in contributing to the further development of cadCAD, check out our contributor guidelines here:


👍 🎉 First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎉 👍 The following is a set of guidelines for contributing…

And be sure to join in the conversation on the channels below:

cadCAD community forum:
cadCAD telegram group:

👉 Fund further development of cadCAD through Gitcoin Grants:

Our previous Gitcoin Grant round funded some great bounties for cadCAD education. We have a long list of updates to cadCAD in the works, but as we all know, open source software development is chronically underfunded. The Gitcoin Grants program quadratically matches contributions with funds from the Ethereum Foundation, so even 5 or 10 DAI can be matched with funding of 100 DAI or more! Please consider supporting this important work below:

💰cadCAD: Computer Aided Design for Complex Systems | Grants

Your contribution will fund Gitcoin bounties targeted at helping onboard people to cadCAD. cadCAD is an open-source…

Thanks for your ongoing support!

~The cadCAD Team

About BlockScience

BlockScience® is a complex systems engineering, R&D, and analytics firm. Our goal is to combine academic-grade research with advanced mathematical and computational engineering to design safe and resilient socio-technical systems. We provide engineering, design, and analytics services to a wide range of clients, including for-profit, non-profit, academic, and government organizations, and contribute to open-source research and software development.

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