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Baseline Minting Incentives

Exploring Filecoin’s Block Reward Policies

This article provides an update on the Filecoin x BlockScience research collaboration, further exploring this significant milestone for the Filecoin project.

The Filecoin network recently crossed the Baseline Target Threshold. With the Baseline Target Threshold passed Filecoin block rewards are now primarily distributed according to the Baseline Minting policy. This provides ongoing incentives to maintain a baseline of storage capacity on the Filecoin network.

In this article we explore what crossing the Baseline Target Threshold means, how Filecoin block rewards work, and how block rewards respond to network dynamics. Due to the mathematics involved, and Medium’s lack of LaTeX support, we have published this as a PDF hosted on Filecoin. You can view the article here:

This article was written by Danilo Lessa Bernardineli, Gabriel Lefundes and Burrrata with edits and suggestions by Jeff Emmett, Jessica Zartler, and ZX Zhang.

Further Reading

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